Spider Dress by Anouk Wipprecht

Greetings from Mythbuster’s Kari Byron:

‘’I love sensors and hardware, coding, design, sewing & 3D printing. I encourage all girls to follow their inspiration towards technology and it’s endless possibilities.

Have an innovative and productive Innovation Summit!’’

– Dutch Designer, Engineer and Innovator Anouk Wipprecht’’


The ForTellus Innovation Summit is a global online event that promotes digital skills, education, and greater representation of girls and women in technology and design. The event offers a special opportunity for partners to support the position of girls and women living in different cultures by both showing and developing their own skills by participating in workshops.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of gender equality in technological development and to unite and inspire innovators and companies in Japan and Finland to engage in collaborative solutions through international and local online workshops. We emphasize the importance of better representation, education, pay, and leadership of women in technology and urge our partners to play an active role in spreading this crucial message.

As a result of the event, we will find novel learning solutions for education and completely new types of digital business models for companies. The Summit combines the Finnish and Japanese innovation ecosystems and education. The organizers are the innovation company Ideascout Oy (Finland) and the digital transformation company Global Digital MOJO KK (Japan).

Summit Theme
Girls in Coding

– Focus on digital education and gaps in coding resources.
– Insights for empowering girls.
– Co-create new global learning solutions.
– Explore new digital education business possibilities.

This event will be scheduled upcoming in 2023

Be a part of the international innovation ecosystem btw Finland and Japan!


The event includes versatile innovation sessions in exciting and interactive formats. There is an opportunity for partners and participants of being a part of an international innovation ecosystem between East Asia and Europe and, to get to know the novel trends and technologies, promote an inclusive brand message, and find partners overseas.

  • Opportunity Exploration (Open for: companies, experts, professionals, academics, artists, etc.)

We will explore novel business opportunities and discuss how to engage girls in coding in Japan and Finland. This activity includes focused group work in international session through which the participants collaborate with their team members to prepare business proposals on different topics such as “edutech”, “gaming”, “animation” and/or “e-sports”.

  • Virtual Japan-Finland School (For high school students)

We will experience a new kind of Japan-Finland virtual school online, with high school students from both countries. The activity aims to empower high school students to creatively work with their peers in an online international environment and design their 3D avatars by getting aware of their personal strengths and special characteristics. Students will have an opportunity also to develop new problem-solving skills while they discuss and approach the “diversity and gender gap problem” with awareness of their most powerful sides.


Ideascout Oy
Dr. Pekka Ketola

Pekka is the CEO and a co-founder of Ideascout. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Tampere. He is a passionate innovator and a researcher with 20 years of practical experience in user-centric product development and innovation management. Pekka is a co-creation pioneer and a visionary entrepreneur with unique insight on future opportunities, customer-centric design, and creative problem-solving. He has a great ability in perceiving large strategic entities and takes unexpected perspectives.

Global Digital Mojo
Dr. David M L Williams

David is the founder and lead digital strategist of Global Digital MOJO. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and has 20 years of experience in commercial digital experience innovation. Driven by incessant curiosity and a multidisciplinary vision, David speaks 5 languages and has lived or worked in over 20 countries. He sees the collaboration of voices from the arts, science, engineering, and business along with the melding Eastern and Western traditions as the DNA of future successful businesses.


Satoko Ohtsuki

CEO at Spider Labs

Satoko is the CEO of Spider Labs, a technology company headquartered in Tokyo with a second office in Lisbon. Spider Labs provide an AI-driven ad-fraud detection tool called SpiderAF which has seen success and has the top share in the Japanese ad tech market.

Anni Mäkitalo

Marketing & Community Manager at Women in Tech Finland

Anni leads marketing & community activities at Women in Tech Finland, a community with over 50 member organizations and 10 years of background. Women in Tech Finland aims to encourage more women into tech roles and the tech world, and also promote and bring awareness to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech.




Opportunity Exploration Session

We will explore novel business opportunities and discuss how to engage girls in coding in Japan and Finland.

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Video Participation (Only for companies)

We offer the possibility to our partner companies to send their greetings and brand messages verbally via the short videos to be displayed during the live event and/or with their special written messages (quotes) attached to their commercial videos to be published on the event’s website before and during the event.

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Ideascout Oy (Finland)

Sofia Welling, Strategist

+358 50 391 3210

Pellavatehtaankatu 8 E 59, 33100 Tampere Finland

Global Digital MOJO 株式会社 (Japan)

Akari Takemura, Operation Executive

2F, TKBuilding, Toyosaki 3 Chome−15−5, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Japan 531-0072 / 〒531-0072 大阪府大阪市北区豊崎3丁目15−5 TKビル3階